Sunday, August 11, 2013

What's in a YTB Vacation Party?

There is a lot of fun in a YTB Vacation Party.YTB Travel Network is a Homebased Travel Agency. You come to one of our Vacation Parties and   you can't help but walk away with a huge grin and a boatload of travel brochures as you decide on your next vacation.  We play games, talk about our dream vacations, past vacations, future vacations.   The RTA (Referring Travel agent) shares up to date Travel promotions and even some important Travel tips that you never knew about.  Check the video below and get a Sneak peak into a recent Vacation Party we had.  To book a Live or Virtual Vacation Party (yes we can do those too) Just email and write Vacation Party in the Subject line.

Sneak Peak into a YTB Vacation Party

Gail Walker is a YTB - Travel Professional who is passionate in getting America to recognize the importance of having Fun with family and friends and go on vacation.  Her Website is
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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Global World Wide Travel Alert

The global Worldwide Travel Alert that was issued on  Friday, August 2, 2013 said to be similar to the the concerns that was seen before 9/11.  22 Embassies has been closed from North Africa to the Middle East.  Apparently Al-Qaeda is planning a Huge attack somewhere in the Middle East. Stay tuned to the State Dept Page. for the information.   Additional information for Travelers can be found here.  "Tips for Traveling Aboard" 

Gail aka GailTravel is a Home based Travel Agent whose passion is to get Americans traveling!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Disney's Free Dining Offer

I was thrilled to get this email announcing Disney's Free Dining Plan  with the purchase in a 7 day Disney Hotel room and ticket package.  Depending on what Hotel Room you book you can get a Free Quick Service Dining Plan or or a Free Disney Dining Plan. I share more in the Video below!!
Email at to answer any questions or to book your  Disney Trip!

GailTravel is a Travel Professional who is compassionate about   teaching America how to have fun by Vacationing and Traveling.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Why Should I Use a Travel Agent?

If you are looking for a way to book a great vacation, consider using a Travel Agent. There is great value you as a consumer may be missing out on if you don't.   These days There are many names for the Travel Agent. We are  sometimes called Travel Consultant, Travel Advisor, or Travel Professional. Its really all the same.
Travel Agents can be your advocate in a difficult situation, or a Information resource if you have a question.   Have you ever tried to speak to speak to someone on an Internet site like Orbitz or Expedia if you had a question?   Yeah its pretty hard to ask questions and get a personalized  answer  from a computer,

Travel Agents have many resources to research that dream vacation you want to go on.  We are not loyal to one Travel Supplier,  and we can research the one that is perfect for you.  That is not to say we have not established relationships with certain Travel suppliers which we know are reputable and provide great customer service.

Here are some tips on using a Travel Agent.

Be specific -  Give the Agent the exact dates, exact budget and precisely what you are looking for.
If you have been researching on the internet, let the Travel Agent know.  Its important to compare apples to apples.  In addition many like myself have travel suppliers that provide Price matching.  So you can get that price you found on one of the discount sites as well as a Travel agent to coordinate your trip.

We need to know everything about your Travel.  Are you traveling alone or with a group?  How many people?  Any children? Any special requests such as special accomodations, special diet, etc.  Do you like watersports, or "just chillin". Do you swim? Are you adventurous? What is your budget allotment per person? Oh and please be realistic about that one.  Someone once  asked me for an  7 day All Inclusive Resort in the Carribean, including airfare for $600  for 2!!!

Also, if you are booking a venue, like DisneyWorld  for instance.  Prices are different on Disney property and off.  Tell the Agent what you want.   Is it really fair to say "I found someplace cheaper" when its a hotel a mile away from DisneyWorld and you had the Agent looking for a deal on Disney property?

Let the Travel Agents
 save you time.  It takes a lot of time to properly research and compare vacations.

Travel Agents remembers things that you  may not think of. Like advising you of surprises like resort fees, or providing transfers from the airport. Or simply telling you the best time to travel or NOT to travel to a certain region.  And Travel Alerts!!!  We get them and we also share them

Lastly, the pet peeve of all fellow agents. Please don't use us to research your trip and then  disappear and book it on your own thinking you can avoid fees or do it cheaper,  Honestly that is "theft of services".

Travel Agents have gone Digital and have a great online presence.  There are fewer and fewer Store type Travel agences because of the cost. Many are  Home Based Travel Agents like myself  that works on the  computer from my home.  The internet is our office.  So don't hesitate come to someone like myself to help you book that family vacation, Family reunion, Group cruise or trip.  In another blog I will be talking about Groups, so be on the lookout!
Happy Vacationing!!

Gail Likes to call herself a Travel Consultant and is available to help you plan that vacation.  Email her at  or call 646-450-6255. Visit her website at

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Avoiding flight Delays during the Sequester

The News is all over the place. The Government sequester is causing flight delays due to Air Traffic Controllers being forced to take 1 unpaid day off every 2 weeks. It was announced that yesterday there were over 800 delays due to this Sequester. The FAA classifies delays as anything over 15 minutes.

So what do we the Public do to work around this current situation? Here are some tips.

1- Take early flights. Anything earlier than 9 AM the earlier the better. In fact try to lok for the First flight of the day. I know that may not work well for Sleepy Heads like me, but you have a better chance of getting to your destination on time.

2- Take Non-stops if at all possible. Yes they usually cost more. However you don't have to worry about missing your connection. If you must have a connecting flight, allow a cushion of time , 1-2 hours between the flights.

3 – Be flexible, arrange for flights on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, those days are less traveled and less crowded.

The following tips won't help you to avoid flight delays due t the Sequester but it will help to cope with them

1-Always, Always, purchase Travel Insurance. It can cover items like overnight hotel stays, lost luggage, and other mishaps due to flight delays and missed flights

2- If taking a cruise, seriously consider arriving to the Port the day before. There is nothing worse than missing your embarkation on a wonderful Cruise vacation due to a flight delay. But if you do miss it, of course you have the Travel Insurance that would help you get to the next Port!!

3- Lastly you can check whether your flight is delayed or not Courtesy of my website

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cruise Rookie or Cruise Newbie?

Are you a Cruise Rookie or a Cruise Newbie?   No matter what name a First Time Cruiser calls themselves there are still many questions on what to expect on a cruise, or what happens on a cruise. I just came across this fantastic 7 minute Carnival Cruise video which is perfect for Cruise Rookies and First Time Cruisers.

Take a look at this video, and then fill out the request on this page to get more info on a cruise of your choice/

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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Carnival Destiny Transforming to Carnival Sunshine

I currently have a Cruise Group (13 cabins)  who are on the Carnival Destiny as I am writing this blog. It is a gorgeous ship just as it is.  I recently found out that the Carnival Destiny is being Refurbished and will undergo a 49 day $155-million dollar Refit in April 2013.  It will then be renamed the Carnival Sunshine  The Ship will have the Carnival Funship 2.0 Enhancements.
Here is the list of the enhancements that are coming: 

Artist Depiction of the New Serenity Deck on Carnival Sunshine
  • Bluelguana Cantina, poolside Mexican venue
  • Guy's Burger Joint (Chef Guy Fieri)
  • Fahrenheit 555, a steakhouse
  • Cucina del Capitano, Italian venue
  • Asian dining venue
  • Poolside Lido
  • Comfort Marketplace, a comfort food addition to the Lido Marketplace
Outside and Entertainment
  • The first 3-deck Adults Only Serenity area
  • SportsSquare
  • Waterworks
  • Seaside Theater
  • Punchliner Comedy Brunch
  • Hasbro, the Game Show
  • Newly designed Camp Carnival
Carnival Sunshine will be making New Orleans their new Port Home with year around 7 day cruises starting November 24, 2013. Can you imagine a Group Cruise on the Carnival Sunshine?  Family Reunions, Weddings, High Schoo reunions, Theme cruises?  I am looking forward to sailing  on her.
  Stay tuned!

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