Sunday, August 31, 2008

The ABC Guys Recommends Only One Online Travel Company

I was introduced to "The ABC Guys" Dr. Denis Cauvier and Alan Lysaght at the 2008 National Convention in St. Louis Missouri for the homebased travel biz. In their book named "The ABCs of Making Money" Their philosophy is based on the premise that for a financial overhaul there needs to be an
Attitude change towards making money, There needs to be a
ehavior change toward making money
reativity in managing and generating money.
I purchased this book at the convention and I must say it was worth every penny.
The exercises that are in the book really makes you stop and take a look at your attitude toward money and make an assessment at where you are financially.
One of the exercises was the "Financial Freedom Snapshot" that forces the reader to take a real look at their financial situation. This is so needed in this time of mortgage foreclosures, and lay-offs and high gas prices.

After you go through the first 2 sections of the book of assessing your finances and getting on task with your budget, there is a section called the "Money-Making Business Opportuities" The ABC guys have developed a The ABCs 15 Power Points of an Ideal Business.

Ideally your business should …

1-sell to the masses
2-fulfill a fundamental need for many people
3-be low risk
4-provide the opportunity for ongoing residua;ll income
5-require a low staff component
6-have a stable, growing, long-term demand
7-have low overhead costs
8-have low start-up costs
9-have a unique quality, making it difficult for competitors to copy
10-have positive cash flow and low inventory
11-have high profit margins and rats of return
12-have minimal government regulation
13-be portable
14-be fun, challenging and satisfying for the business owner
15-provide an opportunity to uncover other money making opportunities.”

Now in the past Only one company had measured up on their 15 points of requirements for an ideal business. However in the Revised and Updated version of the book on page 195, there is this quote:

"We are now able to recommend a second and, and in our opinion, even better opportunity...... YTB is a solidly based , eight year old company that is centered o serving the customer and their sales force."

What an endorsement! All I know is that makes me feel even better about this fantastic home based travel business that I am the proud owner of.
A product that everyone can use. A fantastic website- that is scheduled for enhanced updates in the next few months.

I am learning alot from this book. I recommend it to everyone to read. "The ABCs of Making Money" and also "The ABCs of Making Money 4 Teens". Its a great idea to get our teenagers started on the right path to financial freedom before they develop the bad habits many of us have. The ABC Guys have certainly hit a home run!

Friday, August 29, 2008

John McCain and Sarah Palin the Master Network Marketers!

John McCain and Sarah Palin made a Master Network Marketing move. I always heard in training calls that we should find our niche market and target them. Well John McCain did just that. Democrats are celebrating Barack Obama’s historic acceptance speech for the Democratic nomination for the president of the United States on the 45th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “I have a Dream" Speech”. McCain Knew he had to come up with a master plan to steal some of Obama’s thunder. After all everyone will be talking about Obama's speech and historic nomination the next day. McCain knew there would be some women who were waiting for Hillary’s night in the spotlight for the past 4 years ( trust me, I know what I am talking about, I’m from NY!).

So what does McCain do? He thinks out the box, went against conventional thinking. He bypassed all the "expected" candidates and went for the woman!

Then, McCain makes the move of all time! He fills up the empty void with his choice of Sarah Palin, hoping to lure the diehard disappointed Hillary supporters to his team. A virtual unknown. That was the move of all time! Now whether it will work is another story. McCain made a classic network marketing move. He found people with a need and he provided the solution.

McCain also filled another niche. Obama is talking about change. That is the theme of his campaign. Lets get away from the old way of doing things. The Democratic ticket is definitely a ticket of change. So McCain could not have the same old "good ole boy" political ticket of the past. So by picking a woman he is appealing to the younger Republicans who can say yes, the Republicans are also changing. So essentiall in November the new leadership in our country will be a first! Either the first Black president, or the first female Vice President.

Here is the connection with network marketing, or any home based business. You have to find people with a need, then you need to provide the solution or answer for that need. You also have to find a niche to market to. That is what John McCain did. With my Home based travel biz, I find people who have a need to make an extra income and I let them see a way they can do it that is fun and nearly hassle free.

I try to connect with niche markets, such as the bridal industry, because I have a Bridal and Honeymoon registry and my Honeymoon site .

I live not far from a Golf Course, so marketing Golf vacations at my to all those weekend golfers is perfect!

Its no different than what McCain just did! Network marketing is all around us, even in ways we don’t know!

Remember to register to vote! Remember to follow your dreams! Remember to NetWORK Market your business and your life!
Gail aka GailTravel, is a Referring Travel Agent in the Bronx New York. A wife of 28 years, and a mother of 3 young men. She is pursuing her goal of financial freedom and helping others to do the same through her online Home Based Travel Agency. Join Gail’s team now and see what the excitement is all about.

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Friday, August 22, 2008

California Attorney General says My Travel Biz Grew Too Big, Too Quick, Too Fast?

Too big, Too Fast Too Quick.
That’s what the California Attorney General lawsuit is saying about our online travel Biz. We grew too big, too fast. Well if you think about it, if we are the 26th largest travel company in the U.S. as Travel Weekly indicates I guess it would scare some people. But what are they really scared of?
Average people like you and I finally getting ahead by owning our own businesses instead of slaving away at a second job or a part time job?

Every day hard working people like us utilizing the tax deductions that big time business owners enjoy? Lower income and Middle class people like us becoming financially independent, finally realizing our dreams?

I enjoy helping my friends and family book their vacations. I have had my best friend and her husband book their dream vacation to Belize last fall. Subsequently, others booked their Disney trips , cruises and family vacations. I even booked the senior trip for my son’s Senior class this year! What’s even more exciting is when I go to my back office and see that total strangers have booked their trips on my site. How exciting is that?

There are 2 ways to make money on Gail’s Vacation, Travel and Cruises.

1- I have my friends, family and acquaintances book their travel on instead of Expedia and Orbitz. I enjoy 60% of the vendor commission.

2- I really can do my part of stimulating the economy my showing others how to have their own online home based travel business, and boosting their income.
One thing I learned was that I could not earn by being a secret agent. I had to get out there and get my name known. So I made flyers and business cards and gave them out. I sent samples of vacations to my friends. I was so surprised how easy it was when people saw that I was offering them a chance to book vacations! Not asking them to do anything else. Some that have an entrepreneurial spirit wanted to know how they could have a Travel website like mine, and I told them!

This year I was able to attend the 2008 National Convention. I used my earnings from my travel Biz to pay the expenses. What an honor it was to be around all of that electric excitement. I can’t tell you how exhilarating it was when our new marketing site was introduced.
I had the option of keeping the original site which was very nice or upgrading to the enhanced marketing site I have. It has a Capture form where my visitors can input their name and email for more information. There is also a media center where the company presentation can be seen.
I am looking forward to seeing our new booking engine which is scheduled for release in the next couple of months. Our new enhanced booking engine will include traveler profiles, cross-vendor search results, consolidated itineraries and new suppliers, destinations and products. We will a also have powerful new sales tools like group bookings for all types of travel
and private branding options for commercial accounts.

My focus for my second year is training, training and more training. I want to learn more about travel so I enrolled in Travel Agents university. I am also working toward my cruise counselor accreditation through CLIA. I started last year by taking the test to get my 2008 CLIA card. I am very proud of that accomplishment.
My intentions are to work and not be a secret agent. I’m not expecting buckets full of money to magically drop in my lap. I figure I would have had to take on a second job to supplement my income and drag my self home tired to the bone, only to wake up 6 hours later and do it again. But I found a way to work at my own business, at my own pace and my make my own money and feel good about myself.
I made the right decision to become involved in this home based travel biz a year ago. I don’t regret it not one minute!

Look out world here I come!!
Gail aka GailTravel, is a Referring Travel Agent in the Bronx New York. A wife of 28 years, and a mother of 3 young men. She is pursuing her goal of financial freedom and helping others to do the same through her online Home Based Travel Agency. Join Gail’s team now and see what the excitement is all about.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Back Home from the 2008 Travel Biz Convention

I finally made it home from the 2008 National Convention from the Edward Jones Dome! it was indeed an experience of my lifetime. Friday the convention opened up with a bang...literally. You can see the opening ceremony video here. There wasn't a dry eye available.
Saturday mroning was Women's Day. We heard testimonies from many of the women who had successes. Like Andria Hall who worked her business while being treated for breast cancer. She bravely came on the stage, sans the wig she had been previously wearing, thus revealing to the world her diagnosis. Before only close family and friends knew of her plight.
What a pillar of strength she is! Is proof that if she can do it anyone can do it.

At the airport I ran into a young lady who is a single parent and in theis country alone. She actually worked her way to t he convention. She goes to school and literally lives off of what she makes in her travel business. How encouraging is that? I watched how she worked as we sat there waitng for news of our next fight out of St. Louis. She started casual conversations and somehow slipped in the info of the travel business. She was so smooth. But you know, necessity will do that for you. This lady has to make money to survive. She has that fire!

Until next time I will share more!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

National Convention at the St. Louis America's Center- Day#2

Today was Day #2 of te National Convention at the St. Louis America's center. I just got in from dinner. Its about 11:54 PM. I wish I could get your a rundown of today's activities but I got to get in bed. We have to be at the Edward Jones Dome at 8 AM in the morning. ALl I know is that the people just keep on coming. The halls were so crowded with people going from class to class. More people are coming tonight including friends of mine. I just got off the phone with my friend Denyse and she should be here by 5:30 AM. All I can say that the air is electric with excitement. Tomorrow is the opening ceremony of the General session. I do know that the California lawsuit will definitely be addressed. Everyone I know is not disturbed by it at all. After all Microsoft, PrePaid legal and other companies had to endure this.
This is a business. Network Marketing does not mean No-Work marketing. It is what its name says NetWORK marketing. So theren is no "get rich quick" miracle.
I am happy to day that the commissions I received on travel and recruitment has provided me with the spending money for this week. I did not have to take the expenses out of my household budget.
As another presenter said- We need to raise the B.A.R.
Bar + Aaction = Results

I wish you all were here. Tomorrow will be fantastic. Until next time!
Gail aka GailTravel, is a Referring Travel Agent in the Bronx New York. A wife of 28 years, and a mother of 3 young men. She is pursuing her goal of financial freedom and helping others to do the same through her online Home Based Travel Agency. Join Gail’s team now and see what the excitement is all about.
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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

National 2008 Convention in St. Louis- Day 1

I must say that this convention has got to be one of the most well run, organized conventions I have ever attended of any organization!
the thunder storms we had last night helped to cool off the temperatures. We only got up to 87 degrees today...LOL
Today was the first day of classes. Most of them were held in America's Center. This is a HUGE convention center.
A total of 160 classes are being offered on these days. The biggest problem is choosing which class to attend.Some of the classes are on travel and others are on marketing, self development and team builsing and edification.

My First class was with Level 2 Director Von Nickleberry. Entilted "The Believer and YTB; Build Your Biz the Christian Way". Von shared his testimony interwoven in showing the siilarities of network marketing and the creation of the early church. He shared how it is possible foe Beleivers to be successful in Network Marketing.

Next was Roland Althouris' clas "Buildig Momentum through Travel Parties" he illustrated how to be a conversationalist, and a formula for being successful

I thinkt he most inspirational class today was Craig Sweet's "Power of Belief and Edification" Craig held up a pair of pants he used to wear when he was 505 lbs!That is not a typo. It tok alot of faith and determinaton for him to lose over 230 lbs. He shared alot iof insight and correlated it to the home based travel business.

There were so many more classes I attended and more for tomorrow.
I wish you all were here.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Checking in from the 2008 National Convention

Just checking in with everyone. We arrived this afternoon greeted by 99 degree weather, and a severe thunderstorem watch. On our plane ride was Director Devon McCullough We also got to meet so many other people in our Travel Biz.
Registration was super-smooth, in and out. We had pre-registered and didn't even have to stand in line for our complimentary back packs, loaded with all kinds of goodies.

Everywhere we go there are signs greeting us to St.Louis. There are even banners lining the streets of downtown St. Louis. My husband and I had dinner with with Regina Osei and her family and met members of her downline.

So that pretty much sums up my day today. We will be having our classes at the America Center tomorrow and Thursday. I will try hard to report back.
Until Roland Althouris would say " Don't believe what you see, SEE what you believe"

Don't forget to listen to the morning calls 8 AM EST. 212-461-5800 Pin 77000#
Gail aka GailTravel, is a Referring Travel Agent in the Bronx New York. A wife of 28 years, and a mother of 3 young men. She is pursuing her goal of financial freedom and helping others to do the same through her online Home Based Travel Agency. Join Gail’s team now and see what the excitement is all about.
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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Going to My First Travel Biz Convention

I'm packing up, got my laptop ready, got my Registration materials and I am on my way to my very first Travel Biz convention!
I listened to my company call yesterday and I was so surprised to find that over 22,000 people are registered. Wow. I am looking forward to meeting my online friends like Doug Bauknight, Regina Osei, Denyse Turner and of course brand new dad,
and Level 2 Director Von Nickleberry among others.

There will be 2 full days of back to back educational classes. They will be on Travel and marketing. All at the America' Center in St. Louis Missouri.
My husband asked me yesterday, "So what do you plan to get out of this convention"?
Of course it would be him to come up with a philosophical question, LOL
But it is very relevant.

I expect to
*Come away with alot of knowedge of the travel industry.
*Learn how to effectively market my product in a way that produces results.
*Meet with successful Referring Travel Agents and learn from them.
*Come back energized and more focused to take my business to the next level.

I hope to come back and post an update each night on the blog. So stay tuned.

See you at the Travel Biz Convention