Wednesday, August 6, 2008

National 2008 Convention in St. Louis- Day 1

I must say that this convention has got to be one of the most well run, organized conventions I have ever attended of any organization!
the thunder storms we had last night helped to cool off the temperatures. We only got up to 87 degrees today...LOL
Today was the first day of classes. Most of them were held in America's Center. This is a HUGE convention center.
A total of 160 classes are being offered on these days. The biggest problem is choosing which class to attend.Some of the classes are on travel and others are on marketing, self development and team builsing and edification.

My First class was with Level 2 Director Von Nickleberry. Entilted "The Believer and YTB; Build Your Biz the Christian Way". Von shared his testimony interwoven in showing the siilarities of network marketing and the creation of the early church. He shared how it is possible foe Beleivers to be successful in Network Marketing.

Next was Roland Althouris' clas "Buildig Momentum through Travel Parties" he illustrated how to be a conversationalist, and a formula for being successful

I thinkt he most inspirational class today was Craig Sweet's "Power of Belief and Edification" Craig held up a pair of pants he used to wear when he was 505 lbs!That is not a typo. It tok alot of faith and determinaton for him to lose over 230 lbs. He shared alot iof insight and correlated it to the home based travel business.

There were so many more classes I attended and more for tomorrow.
I wish you all were here.


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memphisphotoman said...

Good article Gail! Me and a guest will be up there tomorrow. Hopefully, we can get into some of the classes.

Best regards,
Mark McKee
Memphis, TN