Sunday, August 3, 2008

Going to My First Travel Biz Convention

I'm packing up, got my laptop ready, got my Registration materials and I am on my way to my very first Travel Biz convention!
I listened to my company call yesterday and I was so surprised to find that over 22,000 people are registered. Wow. I am looking forward to meeting my online friends like Doug Bauknight, Regina Osei, Denyse Turner and of course brand new dad,
and Level 2 Director Von Nickleberry among others.

There will be 2 full days of back to back educational classes. They will be on Travel and marketing. All at the America' Center in St. Louis Missouri.
My husband asked me yesterday, "So what do you plan to get out of this convention"?
Of course it would be him to come up with a philosophical question, LOL
But it is very relevant.

I expect to
*Come away with alot of knowedge of the travel industry.
*Learn how to effectively market my product in a way that produces results.
*Meet with successful Referring Travel Agents and learn from them.
*Come back energized and more focused to take my business to the next level.

I hope to come back and post an update each night on the blog. So stay tuned.

See you at the Travel Biz Convention


John said...

You can set up blogger to publish photos from the convention automatically. You can snap them with your cell phone and email them to a special address and they will instantly (or close to it) publish on your blog.

Look in the help section on Mobile Blogging

GailTravel said...

Cool!! Thanks John!