Sunday, August 31, 2008

The ABC Guys Recommends Only One Online Travel Company

I was introduced to "The ABC Guys" Dr. Denis Cauvier and Alan Lysaght at the 2008 National Convention in St. Louis Missouri for the homebased travel biz. In their book named "The ABCs of Making Money" Their philosophy is based on the premise that for a financial overhaul there needs to be an
Attitude change towards making money, There needs to be a
ehavior change toward making money
reativity in managing and generating money.
I purchased this book at the convention and I must say it was worth every penny.
The exercises that are in the book really makes you stop and take a look at your attitude toward money and make an assessment at where you are financially.
One of the exercises was the "Financial Freedom Snapshot" that forces the reader to take a real look at their financial situation. This is so needed in this time of mortgage foreclosures, and lay-offs and high gas prices.

After you go through the first 2 sections of the book of assessing your finances and getting on task with your budget, there is a section called the "Money-Making Business Opportuities" The ABC guys have developed a The ABCs 15 Power Points of an Ideal Business.

Ideally your business should …

1-sell to the masses
2-fulfill a fundamental need for many people
3-be low risk
4-provide the opportunity for ongoing residua;ll income
5-require a low staff component
6-have a stable, growing, long-term demand
7-have low overhead costs
8-have low start-up costs
9-have a unique quality, making it difficult for competitors to copy
10-have positive cash flow and low inventory
11-have high profit margins and rats of return
12-have minimal government regulation
13-be portable
14-be fun, challenging and satisfying for the business owner
15-provide an opportunity to uncover other money making opportunities.”

Now in the past Only one company had measured up on their 15 points of requirements for an ideal business. However in the Revised and Updated version of the book on page 195, there is this quote:

"We are now able to recommend a second and, and in our opinion, even better opportunity...... YTB is a solidly based , eight year old company that is centered o serving the customer and their sales force."

What an endorsement! All I know is that makes me feel even better about this fantastic home based travel business that I am the proud owner of.
A product that everyone can use. A fantastic website- that is scheduled for enhanced updates in the next few months.

I am learning alot from this book. I recommend it to everyone to read. "The ABCs of Making Money" and also "The ABCs of Making Money 4 Teens". Its a great idea to get our teenagers started on the right path to financial freedom before they develop the bad habits many of us have. The ABC Guys have certainly hit a home run!

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