Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Back Home from the 2008 Travel Biz Convention

I finally made it home from the 2008 National Convention from the Edward Jones Dome! it was indeed an experience of my lifetime. Friday the convention opened up with a bang...literally. You can see the opening ceremony video here. There wasn't a dry eye available.
Saturday mroning was Women's Day. We heard testimonies from many of the women who had successes. Like Andria Hall who worked her business while being treated for breast cancer. She bravely came on the stage, sans the wig she had been previously wearing, thus revealing to the world her diagnosis. Before only close family and friends knew of her plight.
What a pillar of strength she is! Is proof that if she can do it anyone can do it.

At the airport I ran into a young lady who is a single parent and in theis country alone. She actually worked her way to t he convention. She goes to school and literally lives off of what she makes in her travel business. How encouraging is that? I watched how she worked as we sat there waitng for news of our next fight out of St. Louis. She started casual conversations and somehow slipped in the info of the travel business. She was so smooth. But you know, necessity will do that for you. This lady has to make money to survive. She has that fire!

Until next time I will share more!

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