Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cruise Ships in Haiti?

Cruise Ships in Haiti?
Recently it has come to light that there are Cruise Ships that are still visiting Haiti despite the devastation in the wake of the earthquake. Royal Carribean Cruise Lines has resumed their ports of call in Labadee Haiti, known as a "picturesque wooded peninsula". This peninsula is located 60 miles from the devastation of the earthquake where passengers can enjoy para sailing, jet skiing, barbecues on the beach and rum cocktails served to passengers basking in the sun in their hammocks.

To their credit RCCL has pledged $1 million dollars in aid and has been delivering much needed supplies to Haiti. The visit will keep 500 Haitians employed at the Resort they stop in.
But it seems that passengers and Haitian-Americans have mixed feelings about the resumption of the cruises. Some passengers have elected to remain on the ship because their conscience would not allow them to engage in sun and fun while others other suffering 60 miles away. But on the other hand will staying away from the Resort cause 500 more Haitians to be un-employed and lose their valuable income to their families and add to the country's problems? This is the dilemma.

I posed this question to many of my Haitian friends. Once again the response was mixed. Some were outraged that Cruise ships would carry on with a "business as usual" attitude. Others mentioned that it may be good for the economy of Haiti. A few brought up concern of safety and security, that some desperate Haitians may try to take over the Resort or the cruise ships.
I have been informed that the port is heavily guarded and there are 12 foot high fences surruonding the area.

I honestly do not have the answer. I understand both points, pro and con. I hope that Royal Carribean will continue to provide financial support and aid to Haiti and treat the citizens with respect and dignity. That is the only way Cruise Ships should go to Haiti.
Continue to Pray for Haiti.

Donate to help Haiti. This is Wyclef Jean's foundation that has been helping in Haiti for years. - Time honored organization - They have been in Haiti for over 34 years.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Carnival Destiny Cancels 2 Cruises

The Carnival Destiny cancelled 2 cruise sailings from February 13, and February 18. It will be returning to Drydock for repairs. I received this E-mail from Carnival today.

"The Carnival Destiny is experiencing a problem with its propulsion system and regrettably, Carnival must cancel the departures for February 13th and February 18th in order to take the ship to an unscheduled drydock for repairs."

Carnival states it will work with cruisers who booked a cruise on the Carnival Destiny to find another cruise that works with Cruiser's vacation schedule. Carnival will also provide a $100 per person onboard credit when rebooking any further Carnival cruise, departing prior to December 15, 2011

There are Options
As per the Carnival E-mail that was sent out_
*Reschedule immediately on another voyage - there is good availability on a wide variety of Florida departures.

*Cancel and have Carnival hold the payment for a future Carnival cruise (valid for sailings departing within 24 months)

*Cancel and receive a full refund, inclusive of Carnival's air supplement, optional land packages, Vacation Protection Plan and government fees and taxes. No further action on your part is necessary as refunds will automatically be processed in three weeks.

Regarding Air Fare

If independent air transportation was purchased and Cruisers need to make changes to accommodate a new departure, Carnival will reimburse up to $200 per person (via a refundable on board credit) for airline change fees so long as documentation is provided. Please submit supporting documentation to Carnival's Guest Admin Department, fax # 305-405-6477.

For questions or concerns, please contact Carnival's Guest Services Department at 1-800-327-9501 with your preference as soon as possible.

I just wanted to get the word out to anyone who was booked on these sailings. I have a client who has already changed her cruise and is looking forward to her Valentine's Week Cruise!


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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

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Monday, January 11, 2010

YTB Introduces ZamZuu

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