Saturday, December 8, 2007

10 Reasons Why a Nurse Would Start an Online Homebased Travel Business

A few weeks ago I made a comment on a friend's blog. A poster by the name of "Anounymous" made an interesting comment. Why would a nurse (referring to me) have a home based online travel business? After all nurses make good salary. Well I thought that question deserves a good answer.

So yes, I am proud of being a RN, one of the most prestigious professions around. I give many thanks to Florence Nightingale and Mary Eliza Mahoney whose footsteps are huge to fill.

I decided to share 10 reasons why a Nurse would have an online home based travel business.

So in the true spirit of David Letterman, here we go:

  1. I want to retire early. Look, my back hurts, my knees ache, and I'm tired. When I retire I want to enjoy my life while I'm healthy enough to appreciate it.

  2. Pay off Bills- I mean kiss those credit card companies, college loan companies and college tuition folks good-bye forever!!

  3. Work from home- Look to do the above I need extra income. Its a pleasure to come home from my job and work for myself instead of someone else

  4. Flexible hours- Need I say more?

  5. Low start up fee. A friend recently started a business. She was ecstatic that she paid only $10,000 for her storefront. Now that is not including her merchandise, overhead costs or even monthly rates! YIKES!! One can start with YTB for free or pay $499 for 2 websites that's already set up, and maintained and even upgraded. so far Since June there has been about 3 upgrades!

  6. Unlimited Income potential. What I make correlates with how much work I put into it. But I get to work when I want to!!!

  7. Decreased stress. There is something to be said about having control over you own future. With companies downsizing left and right, layoffs occuring. Its great to have your own Plan B. So what happens, happens. I have a backup.

  8. Good support and training. We have access to so much training. There are live conference calls. These calls are also archived in our back office. So if I miss a live call I can hear it at my leisure. There are Vendor trainings, onsite, on webinars, conference calls and online. Very convenient for my busy schedule. There are company certification trainings as well. There is also specialized training with VaxVacationAccess and Disney Travel Agents and more. Don't forget the industry training as well, many of those are online. I have learned so much!

  9. Tax benefits. An accountant friend told me this is the best thing my husband and I could have done if even we didn't make a dime (his words not mine! LOL) By saving all of our receipts and going to a reputable tax acountant, we can save so much. What a relief!!

  10. Travel. I get to travel at travel agent rates. Its not automatic and certain criteria must be met, but I have that option. OR I can book my own vacation and just wait to get my commission check.

  11. Oh!! I said ten right? Okay I fibbed.....Here is one more. I earn 60% travel commission when my friends and family book their vacations with me.

So that is the reason why I this nurse is a RTA with YTB! so "Anounymous" now has their answer!

Gotta go. A friend just IMed me about her cruise she wants me to book.

Come and join me and these can be your top 10, I mean 11 reasons too!

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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Reposition Yourself for Success

Why I Have a Home Based Travel Business.
As a community we need to change our mindset. We have to purpose to improve our life. As T.D.Jakes says we must "Reposition Ourselves" for success. If we keep on doing what we always do we will we keep on getting what we always have gotten.

Deuteronomy 8:18 says "But remember the Lord your God, for it is He who gives you the ability to produce wealth, and so confirms his covenant which he swore to your forefathers, as it is today"

We have the ABILITY to produce wealth. That is so powerful. Well I am crazy enough to stand on the promises of God! I have stepped out on faith and started something I never thought in a million years that I would do. I am looking for business partners to join with me and partake of the blessings that the Lord is bestowing.
Click on my website and view my Opportunity Presentation at the bottom of the page. Come back here and add a comment on what impressed you about this presentation.I know many have gotten burned by unsupportive uplines before. i am blessed to be part of a very supportive team, and I promise you will get the support you need, even if you never did anything like this before (like me...LOL) I am learning that as I am blessed I must pass that blessing unto others, so I am doing my part in helping my community to Reposition themselves for Success.
For more information go to my "need help" page and follow the instructions.

I'm looking to hear from you.


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Traditional Travel Agent Vs. Home Based Travel Agent~ What's the difference?

Home based travel agents are becoming more and more popular. They are also very convenient and more affordable. Who wouldn't want the service of a personal travel agent with the convenience of a Expedia like booking engine?

  • Convenience. its not necesary to get to that Travel store by 6pm. Instead the Travel store is online.

  • Cost effective: Home based travel agents can give the same service without the Store based fees. For example yourairline ticket can be $50- $100 cheaper because there are no or low fees attached.

  • Personal :Those well known booking engines may be convenient but they are faceless. Who do you call if you have a question? The home based travel agent is your next door neighbor, friend or family member. Because of that they are willing to go the extra mile and the customer can get the most bang for the buck!

So with home based travel agents the customer gets the best of both worlds. The convenience of booking online with the personal touch of a travel agent.

The next time you consider going on vacation or booking a flight, or even taking that cruise you always dreamed of, just give a call to your friendly home based travel agent.

We'll be waiting! :) -book it it - work it!!