Friday, October 31, 2008

Airlines Cutting Fares for the Holiday travel

It seems that many of the major airlines have begun slashing their prices for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday travel. Northwest Airlines was the first and other major carriers have been following suit. This is all in response to the
Recession and the slowing down of the economy.
I suggest that you do your research because you can find some realy good deals. I started looking at some travel booking in my site and found some excellent fares for my friends that really surprised me. I did a price comparison on my site for today 11/1/08 and found that my site offered the same non stop flight from LaGuardia Airport to North Carolina for $63 cheaper than Expedia. Guess who site she booked on? That's right!
Happy Traveling!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Do You Twitter?

 Twitter is  the newest social networking tool on the internet.  What does that mean?  It means  you have a new website  to meet and interact with new  people.  Its a network marketers  dream.  But there is a twist that makes it fun.  Instead  of a blogpost like this.  You  have to answer one question.  "What are you doing?".  To make it more interesting, you must answer that  question in  140 characters  or less.  This includes, commas, periods, spaces and more.  These  are called Tweets.   Sometimes you really have to think about how to post. 

You can check it out at   I have my  Twitter page at   Now to make it more interesting there are other pages that  interact with Twitter that  I found out  about.  -The Twitter Grade measures the relative power of a Twitter user. It is calculated as a percentile score. My grade is a 58 ( I have to work on that).   this  means means that my   scores are  higher than 58 percent of the other user profiles that have been graded.  The more  you Twitter, the higher your score gets! - This is  a search engine that  looks alot like  Google.  Search for friends, neighbors, people with similar interests, the same business etc.  this is alot of fun. Keep up with the latest on the elections.  This was real fun during the debates! A place to upload your photos.  I  just found this today.  I haven't figured out how to work it yet! - This is suppose to be  a place to  use when when its too long to tweet, but too short to blog.   Just put it on the TwitWall .   With TwitWall, you can embed your favorite videos and widgets, upload  photos and more. 

Look on the side panel of this blog and see my latest  Tweets.  This is a great way  to meet people and network with other  business owners.  

Come on over and  lets get Tweeting!


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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Book Your Holiday Travel Now Before the Fares Go Up

Just an FYI to my readers. If you have not booked your airfare for your 2008 holiday travel then do so NOW!! Airlines will soon be hiking the prices up. It is expected that the airfare for domestic travel will be 20-30% higher than last year.

In addition there are fewer flights available. In order to keep costs down, airlines are reducing the number of domestic flights available. Some flights may be booked.

Here are some Tips. Airfares sales are usually filed on Monday and available Tuesday through Thursday. Avoid booking your flights on Fridays through Monday if at all possible.

Another tip!-Pack light! If you can get away with just a carry on bag and your personal bag, then do it and avoid those $15-$25 charges for luggage.

My personal hint. Ladies you know how we like those huge handbags? Here is where they come in handy. Pack half of some of your items in your handbag and the rest in the carry on. Select clothing items that are wrinkle free that can be rolled up and take up little room. I saved at least $100 this summer that way!

While you are here, check out my website for competitive pricing. My clients consistently tell me that the prices are often the same and many times even cheaper than that of our competitors.


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Saturday, October 18, 2008

I got a Raise from "First Class Training"

Yes I got a raise! In this economy it is so unusual to hear those words. I just got a raise to 70% vendor commission from my travel host company YTB. That is so awesome. They have so moved into the 21st century. I just completed my First Class Training which was formerly the RTA certification class. I have been certified for a year, but I just upgraded.
YTB prepared a 4 hour online travel training that is beyond awesome. It is available 24 hours 7 days a week! I chose to take all the modules in one day. But they actually can be taken at your convenience. Even one module a day if one so chooses. The content was rich! Information on our Preferred vendors, how to book group trips, and even a tour of the new enhanced travel website! There is so much additional travel training as well. This has truly whetted my appetite.

Taking this class online enables new Referring Travel Affiliates to upgrade to Referring Travel Agents and book directly with vendors. This class provides all the information needed to do so.

I have had the experience of booking direct with vendors based on the old guidelines and I can say it is really rewarding, and now it is even more rewarding with the raise we got to 70% vendor commission. This class was called "First Class" because there is so much more Travel training available to us:

E-Campus, our own ambitious training program
Destination Trainings - back office
Supplier Trainings - back office
Travel Agent University
Industry Publications
Funshine Travel Trade Shows
YTB University
Ship Inspections, sponsored by the company
YTB Events
Cruise 360

Booking Travel has just gotten easier.

Now is the time to get on board. We have an awesome team!
If interested, fill out the online form to your right on this site, or go to and fill out the online form there.

Maybe someone needs to tell Joe the Plumber!!

P.S. I hear that some more awesome information is coming out this week! I can't wait!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

How Joe the Plumber should Capitalize on His New Found Fame

John McClain and Barack Obama has given "Joe the Plumber" something more valuable, than his business. Free advertising! His name is worth more than all the money in the world. How should Joe the Plumber capitalize on his new found fame. He is afraid of buying a business that is worth $250,000 because of possible tax hikes. Well Joe the Plumber, if you are reading this you have hit a gold mine.
How about a home based travel business, that is fun, that costs less than $500 to start? A far cry from the $250,000 that you are considering.
Here is what you will get Joe!

*A bonafide publically traded home based business
*Your very own Travel Website that your friends, family neighbors can book their vacations on.
*An opportunity to take advantage of tax deductions available to home based businesses. (consult your tax professional for specifics)
*An opportunity to earn free health insurance (yay!! no health care fines!)
*The ability to travel as an insider
*A supportive team to help you to your success
*All the Travel Training that your brain could take in!
*Opportunity to have fun, fun, fun.

Now you know what is great now Joe? You have name recognition. Madison Ave would have paid millions for this opportunity. Free advertisment. That's it. Ordinary folks like me who don't have friends in high places running for president have done great with our online travel business.

So Joe Wurzelbacher aka Joe the Plumber, you have a valuable gift in your hand that John McCain and Barack Obama gave you during last night's debate .
So come on by my website Joe the Plumber and see what all the buzz is all about. at

P.S. Well it has come to light that Joe the Plumber isn't really a plumber after all. Neither is his employer. Well I guess that's all the reason that you need to use your 15 minutes of fame to promote your own online travel business.
and Joe, don't forget to vote!!
Gail is a small business entrepreneur with an online travel business who is looking to bless others with the ability to become financially secure!
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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Are People still Taking Vacations in this Crazy Economy?

Ae People still taking vacations and traveling in this crazy economy? You would think not? But the truth of the matter is that people are still taking vacations, and still traveling. They are traveling smarter.
People need a release from the stress of the jobs, and from life itself. What I have found as a Travel Agent is that folks are taking different types of vacations. Some call them "Staycations". Vacations that are closer to home for instance. My husband is a National Park Rangers and he told me that people are flocking to the National Parks these days. Travelers are basing their vacations by exploring sites closer to home.

Another trend is in the cruise industry. Travelers are taking cruises from port cities close to home where they can drive to, thus eliminating the need for airfare. This can drastically cut the cost of a vacation as much as 50% thus making it more affordable. Cruisers are also opting to take shorter, 3, 4, 5 day cruises.

And then we have the Baby Boomers". There are 53 million of them. These are the folks who watched "The Love Boat" in the ,70s-,80s and was fantasizing of one day going on these cruises and exotic trips like the ones Captain Gavin McCleod and Cruise Director Julie McCoy guided us through each Saturday evening. The Baby Boomers comprise a $192 billion travel industry. Baby b oomers are looking to take their vacations of a life time. They worked hard, and now are retired and taking exotic vacations to places like Egypt, China and Australia. MSNBC did a great story on this. Watch their video.

Even with this uncertain enconomy, People are still taking vacations and home based travel businesses are thriving as a result.
GailTravel is a Referring Travel Agent who is showing others how to be successful in their online home based travel business
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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Get extra income by $elling Travel

People are looking for more and more ways to being in extra income. I listen to the News last night when they announced that the unemployment rate is the highest it has been in the past 5 years! The national average is a whopping 6.1%! People need a way to bring in extra income.
As you know I chose to sell travel. You may ask, "How do you sell travel and you are a nurse?" My Host Agency YTB offers lots of training opportunities.
For example:
*Every Thursday there is a Travel training call on the Corporate Line that features one of our many Vendors.
*Carnival Connections Call on Saturdays
*In our Back office there are links to Training Opportunities
*The Funshine Trade Show

There are many more opportunites too numerous to name.
Most recently I sent an email into Corporate and got My username and Password to various Travel Agent only training sites. Right now I am in the process of taking the Princess Cruise Line Training online. My graduation present will be a FREE 12 Day Mediterranean Cruise! Is that not grand?
There is also the Disney Travel Agent only site and many others.

I have been ordering brochures from our back office as well. I received my order from Collette Vacations and already have 2 persons interested in 2 different vacation tours. I have been having fun just reading through them.

Two days ago I ordered Carnival Cruise brochures fromt the back office. I arrived home from work yesterday to a big box full of Carnival Cruise brochures for cruises in 2008 and 2009.

What do I plan do do with all these brochures? Use them at my Travel Parties!
We have all been to Tupperware parties. Well this is a Travel Themed party. I'm invite my friends and family over, introduce them to my travel website, and show them all the great vacations they can take.
I even have a Golf site for the wannabe Tiger Woods in the world!!!
They look through the travel brochures and start planning those family reunions, and affinity group trips, cruises, and dream vacations.
I also have a site for Brides to be! They can choose one of the great romantic honeymoon packages then have their friends and family actually pay for it on their very own HoneyMoon Registry.

The Spa packages I have are perfect for those Girlfriend Getaways. I can use a Massage right about now after the hard week at work I had!

My most favorite newest addition to my travel website is the 7 Night Resort Vacation eCertificate for $379. This is perfect for families!!

After my friends have taken a tour of my site and looked at the brochures, I ask them to book their vacations on my site if it is the same price or less than Expedia, Orbitz or Travelocity. Because these are friends or friends of friends, they are usually are willing to use my website now or in the future. And that is that! I often get a booking or 2 right at the travel party!

Recently my host agency, YTB announced plans to raise our commissions from 60% to 70% of the Vendor commissions. Now that is a way to recession proof my income for real!!

I invite you reader and friend to look into a fun way of making extra income. Dont take that second job! Just get your own home based travel business.

Contact me and I will show you how to get started. Refuse to be a part of the 6.1% unemployment statistic! I know I have!
There is a form on the right hand side of this column, fill in your information and I will get in contact with you!

Gail Walker is a Referring Travel Agent with her own online travel business, and is showing others how to be financially independant and have fun doing it!
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