Saturday, October 25, 2008

Book Your Holiday Travel Now Before the Fares Go Up

Just an FYI to my readers. If you have not booked your airfare for your 2008 holiday travel then do so NOW!! Airlines will soon be hiking the prices up. It is expected that the airfare for domestic travel will be 20-30% higher than last year.

In addition there are fewer flights available. In order to keep costs down, airlines are reducing the number of domestic flights available. Some flights may be booked.

Here are some Tips. Airfares sales are usually filed on Monday and available Tuesday through Thursday. Avoid booking your flights on Fridays through Monday if at all possible.

Another tip!-Pack light! If you can get away with just a carry on bag and your personal bag, then do it and avoid those $15-$25 charges for luggage.

My personal hint. Ladies you know how we like those huge handbags? Here is where they come in handy. Pack half of some of your items in your handbag and the rest in the carry on. Select clothing items that are wrinkle free that can be rolled up and take up little room. I saved at least $100 this summer that way!

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