Thursday, October 16, 2008

How Joe the Plumber should Capitalize on His New Found Fame

John McClain and Barack Obama has given "Joe the Plumber" something more valuable, than his business. Free advertising! His name is worth more than all the money in the world. How should Joe the Plumber capitalize on his new found fame. He is afraid of buying a business that is worth $250,000 because of possible tax hikes. Well Joe the Plumber, if you are reading this you have hit a gold mine.
How about a home based travel business, that is fun, that costs less than $500 to start? A far cry from the $250,000 that you are considering.
Here is what you will get Joe!

*A bonafide publically traded home based business
*Your very own Travel Website that your friends, family neighbors can book their vacations on.
*An opportunity to take advantage of tax deductions available to home based businesses. (consult your tax professional for specifics)
*An opportunity to earn free health insurance (yay!! no health care fines!)
*The ability to travel as an insider
*A supportive team to help you to your success
*All the Travel Training that your brain could take in!
*Opportunity to have fun, fun, fun.

Now you know what is great now Joe? You have name recognition. Madison Ave would have paid millions for this opportunity. Free advertisment. That's it. Ordinary folks like me who don't have friends in high places running for president have done great with our online travel business.

So Joe Wurzelbacher aka Joe the Plumber, you have a valuable gift in your hand that John McCain and Barack Obama gave you during last night's debate .
So come on by my website Joe the Plumber and see what all the buzz is all about. at

P.S. Well it has come to light that Joe the Plumber isn't really a plumber after all. Neither is his employer. Well I guess that's all the reason that you need to use your 15 minutes of fame to promote your own online travel business.
and Joe, don't forget to vote!!
Gail is a small business entrepreneur with an online travel business who is looking to bless others with the ability to become financially secure!
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