Sunday, October 12, 2008

Are People still Taking Vacations in this Crazy Economy?

Ae People still taking vacations and traveling in this crazy economy? You would think not? But the truth of the matter is that people are still taking vacations, and still traveling. They are traveling smarter.
People need a release from the stress of the jobs, and from life itself. What I have found as a Travel Agent is that folks are taking different types of vacations. Some call them "Staycations". Vacations that are closer to home for instance. My husband is a National Park Rangers and he told me that people are flocking to the National Parks these days. Travelers are basing their vacations by exploring sites closer to home.

Another trend is in the cruise industry. Travelers are taking cruises from port cities close to home where they can drive to, thus eliminating the need for airfare. This can drastically cut the cost of a vacation as much as 50% thus making it more affordable. Cruisers are also opting to take shorter, 3, 4, 5 day cruises.

And then we have the Baby Boomers". There are 53 million of them. These are the folks who watched "The Love Boat" in the ,70s-,80s and was fantasizing of one day going on these cruises and exotic trips like the ones Captain Gavin McCleod and Cruise Director Julie McCoy guided us through each Saturday evening. The Baby Boomers comprise a $192 billion travel industry. Baby b oomers are looking to take their vacations of a life time. They worked hard, and now are retired and taking exotic vacations to places like Egypt, China and Australia. MSNBC did a great story on this. Watch their video.

Even with this uncertain enconomy, People are still taking vacations and home based travel businesses are thriving as a result.
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