Saturday, October 18, 2008

I got a Raise from "First Class Training"

Yes I got a raise! In this economy it is so unusual to hear those words. I just got a raise to 70% vendor commission from my travel host company YTB. That is so awesome. They have so moved into the 21st century. I just completed my First Class Training which was formerly the RTA certification class. I have been certified for a year, but I just upgraded.
YTB prepared a 4 hour online travel training that is beyond awesome. It is available 24 hours 7 days a week! I chose to take all the modules in one day. But they actually can be taken at your convenience. Even one module a day if one so chooses. The content was rich! Information on our Preferred vendors, how to book group trips, and even a tour of the new enhanced travel website! There is so much additional travel training as well. This has truly whetted my appetite.

Taking this class online enables new Referring Travel Affiliates to upgrade to Referring Travel Agents and book directly with vendors. This class provides all the information needed to do so.

I have had the experience of booking direct with vendors based on the old guidelines and I can say it is really rewarding, and now it is even more rewarding with the raise we got to 70% vendor commission. This class was called "First Class" because there is so much more Travel training available to us:

E-Campus, our own ambitious training program
Destination Trainings - back office
Supplier Trainings - back office
Travel Agent University
Industry Publications
Funshine Travel Trade Shows
YTB University
Ship Inspections, sponsored by the company
YTB Events
Cruise 360

Booking Travel has just gotten easier.

Now is the time to get on board. We have an awesome team!
If interested, fill out the online form to your right on this site, or go to and fill out the online form there.

Maybe someone needs to tell Joe the Plumber!!

P.S. I hear that some more awesome information is coming out this week! I can't wait!


Life in the Philippines said...

Hi Gail,

Congrats on your raise!!!! It's always good to know that our efforts are rewarded accordingly. I share your joy:)

GailTravel said...

Thanks! this is a great travel company.

jennie said...

Congrats Gail! I am taking my first Class Travel Training this week! I can't wait! I love YTB! Booking travel is so much fun and we get to make money too!

jennie said...

Congrats Gail! I am taking my First Class Training this week! I can't wait! I love YTB and all they have to offer! It has been one of the best decisons I have ever made!!! Booking travel is fun and I am making great money too!