Saturday, October 4, 2008

Get extra income by $elling Travel

People are looking for more and more ways to being in extra income. I listen to the News last night when they announced that the unemployment rate is the highest it has been in the past 5 years! The national average is a whopping 6.1%! People need a way to bring in extra income.
As you know I chose to sell travel. You may ask, "How do you sell travel and you are a nurse?" My Host Agency YTB offers lots of training opportunities.
For example:
*Every Thursday there is a Travel training call on the Corporate Line that features one of our many Vendors.
*Carnival Connections Call on Saturdays
*In our Back office there are links to Training Opportunities
*The Funshine Trade Show

There are many more opportunites too numerous to name.
Most recently I sent an email into Corporate and got My username and Password to various Travel Agent only training sites. Right now I am in the process of taking the Princess Cruise Line Training online. My graduation present will be a FREE 12 Day Mediterranean Cruise! Is that not grand?
There is also the Disney Travel Agent only site and many others.

I have been ordering brochures from our back office as well. I received my order from Collette Vacations and already have 2 persons interested in 2 different vacation tours. I have been having fun just reading through them.

Two days ago I ordered Carnival Cruise brochures fromt the back office. I arrived home from work yesterday to a big box full of Carnival Cruise brochures for cruises in 2008 and 2009.

What do I plan do do with all these brochures? Use them at my Travel Parties!
We have all been to Tupperware parties. Well this is a Travel Themed party. I'm invite my friends and family over, introduce them to my travel website, and show them all the great vacations they can take.
I even have a Golf site for the wannabe Tiger Woods in the world!!!
They look through the travel brochures and start planning those family reunions, and affinity group trips, cruises, and dream vacations.
I also have a site for Brides to be! They can choose one of the great romantic honeymoon packages then have their friends and family actually pay for it on their very own HoneyMoon Registry.

The Spa packages I have are perfect for those Girlfriend Getaways. I can use a Massage right about now after the hard week at work I had!

My most favorite newest addition to my travel website is the 7 Night Resort Vacation eCertificate for $379. This is perfect for families!!

After my friends have taken a tour of my site and looked at the brochures, I ask them to book their vacations on my site if it is the same price or less than Expedia, Orbitz or Travelocity. Because these are friends or friends of friends, they are usually are willing to use my website now or in the future. And that is that! I often get a booking or 2 right at the travel party!

Recently my host agency, YTB announced plans to raise our commissions from 60% to 70% of the Vendor commissions. Now that is a way to recession proof my income for real!!

I invite you reader and friend to look into a fun way of making extra income. Dont take that second job! Just get your own home based travel business.

Contact me and I will show you how to get started. Refuse to be a part of the 6.1% unemployment statistic! I know I have!
There is a form on the right hand side of this column, fill in your information and I will get in contact with you!

Gail Walker is a Referring Travel Agent with her own online travel business, and is showing others how to be financially independant and have fun doing it!
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