Monday, January 11, 2010

YTB Introduces ZamZuu

(More Up to date Information on ZamZuu can be  found  on my ZamZuu  blog here)

YTB is taking

E-commerce to the max with its new product ZamZuu.
This holiday season we have seen the success of online shopping. Cyber-Monday has become as popular as Black Friday for the Holiday shoppers.
We have been having great success with the the ShopYTB. I completed all my Christmas Shopping, stayed within budget and out of the Brick and mortar stores by shopping via my online ShopYTB o site. Now it is becoming bigger and better. I have
Great Stores like Macys, Home Depot, Walmart, Kohls, and 700 more stores can be found at ShopYTB.
When I realized that I had a significant balance left on my Flexible Spending Account near the end of 2009, I spent a significant amount at an FSA approved store.
I can also say I was more than happy when I received my cashback checks in the mail. The timing was perfect, and helped pay some unexpected bills that came in.
I am looking forward to ZamZuu with the new enhancements and ways to save and make more money with the cash backs and the discounts. ZamZuu is an all-in-one E-Commerce Business Solution.A premium Nutritional store, Body Slimwear by Ghiada, Diamond Ice, Financial and Insurance company, Jewelery store are some of the featured new stores along with 700 other stores.
ZamZuu promises to exceed the expectations of ShopYTB and I am looking forward to it.
Check out the ShopYTB now ZamZuu site.
Stay tuned for more info to come. The new ZamZuu will launch on Friday, January 15, 2010.
Like what you see you can make more money off of the ZamZuu site by making it your own home based business. Have your own E-commerce business solution. Purchase your site for $249.99. Find out more here.
I will always be a Travel consultant, but its real nice to earn a little extra money on the side.


Debbie said...

I have no problem with Network Marketing as a business, I just rather not see it sell a product you can get for free elsewhere.
ZamZuu doesn't offer anything other shopping rebate websites offer or that you couldn't do yourself even better with your own affiliate marketing website.

How to get a FREE ZamZuu website

GailTravel said...

Thanks for stopping by Debbie.
In actuality to partake as a customer the site is absolutely FREE. No cost at all.
Additional money is made when set up as a business, commissions are earned in conjunction with the "rebates" or cashbacks.

Sherri Russell said...
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intertribalmediawoman said...

Hello New to zammzuu....wish me luck<><><>

GailTravel said...

intertribalmediawoman You will do well! Remember if you "Kinda" run your business, you will "kinda" get results. But i you "really" work your business you will "really" get results!