Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Checking in from the 2008 National Convention

Just checking in with everyone. We arrived this afternoon greeted by 99 degree weather, and a severe thunderstorem watch. On our plane ride was Director Devon McCullough We also got to meet so many other people in our Travel Biz.
Registration was super-smooth, in and out. We had pre-registered and didn't even have to stand in line for our complimentary back packs, loaded with all kinds of goodies.

Everywhere we go there are signs greeting us to St.Louis. There are even banners lining the streets of downtown St. Louis. My husband and I had dinner with with Regina Osei and her family and met members of her downline.

So that pretty much sums up my day today. We will be having our classes at the America Center tomorrow and Thursday. I will try hard to report back.
Until then......as Roland Althouris would say " Don't believe what you see, SEE what you believe"

Don't forget to listen to the morning calls 8 AM EST. 212-461-5800 Pin 77000#
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