Thursday, August 7, 2008

National Convention at the St. Louis America's Center- Day#2

Today was Day #2 of te National Convention at the St. Louis America's center. I just got in from dinner. Its about 11:54 PM. I wish I could get your a rundown of today's activities but I got to get in bed. We have to be at the Edward Jones Dome at 8 AM in the morning. ALl I know is that the people just keep on coming. The halls were so crowded with people going from class to class. More people are coming tonight including friends of mine. I just got off the phone with my friend Denyse and she should be here by 5:30 AM. All I can say that the air is electric with excitement. Tomorrow is the opening ceremony of the General session. I do know that the California lawsuit will definitely be addressed. Everyone I know is not disturbed by it at all. After all Microsoft, PrePaid legal and other companies had to endure this.
This is a business. Network Marketing does not mean No-Work marketing. It is what its name says NetWORK marketing. So theren is no "get rich quick" miracle.
I am happy to day that the commissions I received on travel and recruitment has provided me with the spending money for this week. I did not have to take the expenses out of my household budget.
As another presenter said- We need to raise the B.A.R.
Bar + Aaction = Results

I wish you all were here. Tomorrow will be fantastic. Until next time!
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