Friday, August 29, 2008

John McCain and Sarah Palin the Master Network Marketers!

John McCain and Sarah Palin made a Master Network Marketing move. I always heard in training calls that we should find our niche market and target them. Well John McCain did just that. Democrats are celebrating Barack Obama’s historic acceptance speech for the Democratic nomination for the president of the United States on the 45th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “I have a Dream" Speech”. McCain Knew he had to come up with a master plan to steal some of Obama’s thunder. After all everyone will be talking about Obama's speech and historic nomination the next day. McCain knew there would be some women who were waiting for Hillary’s night in the spotlight for the past 4 years ( trust me, I know what I am talking about, I’m from NY!).

So what does McCain do? He thinks out the box, went against conventional thinking. He bypassed all the "expected" candidates and went for the woman!

Then, McCain makes the move of all time! He fills up the empty void with his choice of Sarah Palin, hoping to lure the diehard disappointed Hillary supporters to his team. A virtual unknown. That was the move of all time! Now whether it will work is another story. McCain made a classic network marketing move. He found people with a need and he provided the solution.

McCain also filled another niche. Obama is talking about change. That is the theme of his campaign. Lets get away from the old way of doing things. The Democratic ticket is definitely a ticket of change. So McCain could not have the same old "good ole boy" political ticket of the past. So by picking a woman he is appealing to the younger Republicans who can say yes, the Republicans are also changing. So essentiall in November the new leadership in our country will be a first! Either the first Black president, or the first female Vice President.

Here is the connection with network marketing, or any home based business. You have to find people with a need, then you need to provide the solution or answer for that need. You also have to find a niche to market to. That is what John McCain did. With my Home based travel biz, I find people who have a need to make an extra income and I let them see a way they can do it that is fun and nearly hassle free.

I try to connect with niche markets, such as the bridal industry, because I have a Bridal and Honeymoon registry and my Honeymoon site .

I live not far from a Golf Course, so marketing Golf vacations at my to all those weekend golfers is perfect!

Its no different than what McCain just did! Network marketing is all around us, even in ways we don’t know!

Remember to register to vote! Remember to follow your dreams! Remember to NetWORK Market your business and your life!
Gail aka GailTravel, is a Referring Travel Agent in the Bronx New York. A wife of 28 years, and a mother of 3 young men. She is pursuing her goal of financial freedom and helping others to do the same through her online Home Based Travel Agency. Join Gail’s team now and see what the excitement is all about.

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