Thursday, July 31, 2008

5 Beliefs to Make your Online Home Based Travel Business Unstoppable

5 Beliefs to make your Online Home Based Travel Business Unstoppable!
There are fundamental beliefs that are crucial for the success of your online home based travel business. In 1973 New York Mets Relief pitcher coined the phrase “Ya gotta believe” which became the catchphrase that helped propel the New York Mets to win the National League Pennant that year. It is so much the same when we own our own home based online travel business. You just gotta believe!

1-Develop a belief in the Product. You have to know that you are offering people a Great Product which is Travel. Get familiar with it. Go in your back office and get familiar with it. See all the products that can be offered. With we offer cruises, hotels, golf vacations, hunting and fishing vacations, honeymoon website and so much more.

2-Develop a belief in the company- Get around people in the company who are Leaders. Find mentors. Take advantage of the National conventions, the weekly meetings, the travel trade shows , webinars. I have greatly benefited from being associated with leaders In my company.

3-Develop a belief in the industry of network marketing. Mark Yarnell wrote a book called the “Your First Year in Network Marketing”. That book made me believer. I learned the advantages of Network Marketing . I see the success of the many champions in the field. Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump both support the Network marketing business model. After all we do it everyday.

4-Develop a belief in others – Teach your team that they can be successful. Stay focused on the understanding that most people want exactly what you want, that is a better quality of life than they are currently living. Remember to value people NOT money! The worse thing in the world is to entice people to join your team, you gain the commission and then abandon them. That is what gives Network Marketing a bad name.

5-Develop a belief in yourself. In the Motown Musical Version of “the Wiz” Glenda the good witch sings a song that has the line “Believe in yourself right from the start, believe in the magic that comes from your heart…..Believe in yourself like I believe in you”

Glenda said it all. With these 5 beliefs ,you will feel more confident as you approach future clients and business partners and your online home based travel business will take off.
Gail aka GailTravel, is a Referring Travel Agent in the Bronx New York. A wife of 28 years, and a mother of 3 young men. She is pursuing her goal of financial freedom and helping others to do the same through her online Home Based Travel Agency. Join Gail’s team now and see what the excitement is all about.
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