Sunday, August 11, 2013

What's in a YTB Vacation Party?

There is a lot of fun in a YTB Vacation Party.YTB Travel Network is a Homebased Travel Agency. You come to one of our Vacation Parties and   you can't help but walk away with a huge grin and a boatload of travel brochures as you decide on your next vacation.  We play games, talk about our dream vacations, past vacations, future vacations.   The RTA (Referring Travel agent) shares up to date Travel promotions and even some important Travel tips that you never knew about.  Check the video below and get a Sneak peak into a recent Vacation Party we had.  To book a Live or Virtual Vacation Party (yes we can do those too) Just email and write Vacation Party in the Subject line.

Sneak Peak into a YTB Vacation Party

Gail Walker is a YTB - Travel Professional who is passionate in getting America to recognize the importance of having Fun with family and friends and go on vacation.  Her Website is
and can also be reached at 

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