Saturday, February 21, 2009

Celebrate Black History by Taking a Vacation

February is traditionally Black History Month. Black history is 365 days out of the year, not just one month out of the year. Why not turn this year’s family vacation into Black History learning experience?

It is so important for us to pass down the legacy of Black contributions to world history. So ofter our youth are not even aware of the sacrifices and contributions their elders and ancestors have made. I listed a few venues in this blog where
Black history can be celebrated and more learned about it.

One such venue is Washington D.C. Washington DC has a wealth of Black History that is available year round for the family, chock full of history. Did you know that DC was the first city to pass an Emancipation Act, freeing all slaves even before the Emancipation Proclamation was issued by President Lincoln? Interesting information. A favorite place to visit is the Frederick Douglass Historical Site. Visit the home of this great abolitionist . We went as a family and must say this was one of the highlights of our trip.

There is also the Anacostia Community Museum, one of the Smithsonian museums. They have a wonderful tour called Jubilee: African American Celebration where you can discover the rich history of African American celebration through artifacts, photographs, and videos.

Another Venue is Memphis Tennessee. If you love music like me then you will love Stax Museum of American Soul Music Otherwise known as Soulville USA Exhibits include an authentic replica of an old Mississippi Delta church demonstrating soul music’s roots in gospel, the Soul Train dance floor Isaac Hayes’ restored 1972 gold-trimmed, peacock-blue El Dorado Cadillac; and case after case of artist bios, costumes, performance footage and the actual Stax recording studio itself. Definitely a must see when visiting the city .

Also In Memphis there is Mason’s Temple the Headquarters of the Church of God in Christ, the largest African American Pentecostal denomination. This is the site where Dr. King gave his "I've Been to the Mountain Top" speech the night before he was assasinated.
No trip to Memphis is complete without going to the National Civil Rights Museum, at the Lorraine Hotel which is the former hotel where Dr. King was assassinated.

To the North of us in Canada there is a rich African Canadian presence.. a popular tourist attraction is the African Canadian Heritage Tour. Part of that tour includes the Uncle Tom’s Cabin Historical site the commemorates the life of Reverend Josiah Henson who worked with the UnderGround Railroad as as an abolitionist. His life inspired Harriet Beecher Stowe’s novel “Uncle tom’s Cabn.”
There is another great site in Ontario that was part of the Underground Railroad. The North American Black Historical Museum Explore a home of escaped slaves and the church where their lives of freedome began.

B lack History is not just one month out of the year. It is 365 days a year. What better way to celebrate Black History than to incorporate it in a family vacation!

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Hetty Siebens said...

Wonderfully daughter has been learning about Black History month in school-talking to us-and believe it or not-Nickelodian!! :) She had so many questions-now that she is getting older-and if parents aren't living in a multi-race city-it is something to wake kids up about-when they may be faced with racism later. The south is beautiful-and has many amazing loving people-for all races-but I was woken up more about the civil war-and all that hurt the absolute equality between all humans-all races-as for Jesus does not see and judge in difference. He knew us before we were born-forming us-planning out lives-He doesn't hold any color higher-as for do we really know His? He is amazing-and still is working thru the quirks in any form of racism-in AZ it is more hispanic. We are all one color-one flesh with one is greater-excpet Christ! He is the GREATEST..focus like He does-thru our heart-not our eyes-it is amazing how much more one can love. You are a blessing to be open about it-I was, with the color of my skin in NC-did't understand why all were sorted by color at my school-began to learn what is still afloat-and is heartless. If we know God-we need to see more like Him-with love.
Great site...pray your family is blessed-and amazing the college you have going on! :) AMEN-He will guide you thru it all-His plans in His will-in His time-are amazing! God bless you..keep talking with me on twitter!
In His Dear Love,
Hetty Siebens

GailTravel said...

thank you so much for your kind comments Hetty! It is true. Jesus died for us all. We are brothers and sisters through Christ!