Thursday, April 16, 2009

Susan Boyle, Pursuing her Dream

Susan Boyle- Pursuing her Dream

Recently a friend sent a YouTube Video of 47 year old unemployed Susan Boyle trying out for “Britains Got Talent” . I must admit I am a sucker for these reality talent shows. I love music but I also love the comedic aspect of these shows, especially during these turbulent economic times when all we hear is gloom and doom.
I watched the video and saw a frumpy Susan Boyle address the judges. I saw the look on Simon Cowell’s face when she expressed her desire t o be a singer, as he casually glanced over her resume. She explained how she always wanted to b e a singer. How she has never been married or even kissed by a guy. Simon went on to ask her what her dream was.
“I’m trying to be a professional singer,” she said.
“And why hasn’t it worked out so far?” Cowell asked.
“I’ve never been given the chance before,” she said. “But here’s hoping it’ll change.”

You can feel the jokes coming. And then “it” happened. She opened her mouth and what sounded like an Angelic serenade straight from heaven proceeded to come out! Singing “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Miserables Susan Boyle cast aside all the doubts and negativity she has undoubtedly received in her life. Years of caring for her sick mother alone, of dashed dreams all vanished during that moment.
The look on Simon’s face as well as the jaw dropping expressions on the faces of the other judges was priceless! The preconceived perception they had in their minds was immediately shattered to bits like exploding glass. Susan Boyle sang with the confidence and assurance of a multi- million dollar professional!
What a lesson to learn from Susan Boyle. Les Brown has a saying “Don't let someone else's opinion of you become your reality.” Regardless of whether its pursing your education, your life’s dreams or a business. We should always keep Susan Boyle as a prime example of why we should never give up on the dreams that are in our hearts. No matter what any of the dream snatchers around us have to say.

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