Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Airlines Will add a "Holiday Surcharge" Happy Holidays :-/

Airline passengers just seem to not be able to catch a break! It seems that airlines will be adding a $10 "holiday surcharge" on this year! Gone are the competitive pricings of Holiday season 2008! It seems that American, United, Delta and US Airways added" $10 each way" surcharge for travel on three busy days around the Thanksgiving and New Year's holidays. Can some body say "Bah humbug" ?

It is thought that the airlines added the charge because it was a quick, and easy way to charge more on peak travel days. The Sunday after Thanksgiving November 29, is one of the busiest travel days of the year, while January 2 and 3 are popular with holiday travelers as well.

Apparently the airlines are losing money on the Business Travel. With the advent of Phone conference lines and webinars, companies are opting to use these tools for virtual meetings. Many companiies have been forced to cut down on their Conference budgets as well.

You can be sure that the prices will increase even more the closer we get to the holdays.
So how can we be frugal during this holiday season?
* Book your airfare now before the fares go up even more.
*Travel light. Take carry on luggage and avoid the luggage fees.
*if you are taking gifts for the family, consider shipping them via UPS, Fedex or Post office. You will end up saving tons of money.
* College students coming home for the winter break? Encourage them to ship their items ahead. Book their one way fares home NOW. They can book another one way ticket back to school late in January.The prices are sure to come down by then.

So there you have it! To all the holiday Travelers, safe travels and Happy Holidays! To the Airline Scrooge..... Bah Humbug to you too!

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