Monday, May 5, 2008

How Your Locus of Control can Help Your Home based Travel Business

Locus of Control can help you build your YTB online travel business to rebounding proportions if you understand what it is and utilize its attributes. What is Locus of control? Glad you asked!

Locus of Control is defined as an individual's perception about the underlying main causes of events in his/her life. As pertaining to our YTB Home based travel business it would be an agent's perception of how and why their business is successful or is not successful.

A person with an Internal Locus of Control the success of the business is determined by their personal actions, decisions and efforts. A person with an external Locus of Control blames the failure of their business on outside factors which they have no control over.

For example, recently one of my colleagues in the same Travel Biz as me was considering leaving the business because in her perception, outside forces which hindered her in being successful. She blamed the Coach's purchase of a new Jet, the stock prices going down ( which has since rebounded and has been upgraded to OTC)her team not being successful and a host of other complaints. My question was. What did She do to help her business? did se follow the script and have Travel Parties, did she reach out to friends and family who like to travel? How did she market and promote her business? Does she even possess business cards? Did she put out fliers? Did she treat her her Travel Bizbusiness as a real business? This person had a strong external locus of control.

A successful Referring travel agent will make sure they utilize all the tools available to them. What are the tools available for a YTB RTA to make their business successful? I will break them up into 2 Groups. Free Tools, and Paid tools

Free Tools

Youe Power Team leader
Your Sponsor
conference calls,
Team newsletters,
Team meetings
Free Vendor trainings
Back office
Travel Parties
Online Presentations
Strong Team Unity and Spirit!

Tools You Pay for (but are tax deductible!)

Success from Home Magazine,
marketing site
Booking Engine
Business Cards

The above lists ae definitely not exhaustive, but gives you an idea of what a RTA has available.

Can you see on how having a good internal locus of control can help build your YTB business?
My next blog will explain how to shift your focus from a negative external locus of control to a positive internal locus of control.
Gail Walker RN, AKA GailTravel is a Referring Travel Agent, wife, mother of 3 young men who is pursuing her goal of financial freedom and helping others to do the same through online homebased travel business.
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Gail, this is a great article! This one and the other one about being a success or being a failure should give YTB RTAs and REPs a good start at self-evaluation. You're so thought provoking! Thanks for the info.

Oh, and by the way, don't forget to make my blog one of your favs! :) LOL