Friday, July 3, 2009

A new Discount Airline in the' Hood- Jet America

There is a new discount Airline in the tri-state area. Jet begins flying out of Newark Airport on July 13. They boast of $9 one way fares but trust me there is a catch. This airline plans to go the way of RyanAir and charge fees for a lot of their services. They will charge a $5 convenience fee to book on their site.
Jet America will charge an additional $20 for a round-trip with an assigned seat, $20 to buy a ticket by phone and $10 to book on the Web site (

Baggage Fees
A first bag fee of $20 each way and a second bag fee of $20 each way.

The airlines will service New York City via Newark Airport, Toledo/Detroit, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Lansing/Michigan, South Bend/Indiana, Orlando/Melbourne Florida

I am all for saving money any way you can. This may be a good alternative to the higher priced airlines. Just remember to read all the fine print.

I always point my clients to affordable travel opportunites, including airfares. If you find one cheaper than my site, then I say "go for it". Is all about helping people!

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