Thursday, November 6, 2008

Obama Won, Change has Come, Now What?

Obama won, Change has come, Now What? The parties are over. Campaign offices are cleaning up and closing. We are all looking to what will President Elect Obama do to solve our problems. The Dow still dropped another 500 points the day after the election. Governor David Patterson of New York, announced that he will be making severe b udget cuts. Mayor Mike Bloomberg, a financial wizard in his own right has announced that New York city will also suffer deep budget cuts? Our Lame duck President Bush is stil trying to work out another economic stimulus package.

The theme of the election was Yes We Can. Another theme was "We need a change." My question to you reader and to myself is what do I do? President Elect Obama cannot solve the country's economic problems alone. To help him we must help ourselves.

We must be conservative with our spending. Clean up our credit. Teach our children to respect money. And create our own economic stimulus.
There is a book I highly recommend to anyone seriously considering improving their financial situation. "The ABCs of Making Money". I have written about this book before. The authors take you through soup to nuts in how to re-organize your finances. When you pick up this book Check out the "Financial Freedom Snapshot". this book provides sample budgets and spread sheets and so much information you can use.
One thing these authors speak about is using business to become financially independant. It so happens that the authors reviewed my Travel host agency for my travel biz and it passed their stringent test. Now more than ever I am determined to make my home travel business successful. The National Convention this past August was a great encouragement to me. I am taking more training classes. Looking to book more and more travel with friends and family.

To help this economy we must find ways to help ourselves. My Travel Host company has a DVD called "Recession Proof Your Income" Talks about ways we can help insulate our families from the ravages of recession. That is by creating residual income.
So I hope after President-elect Obama has won we will expect him to magically change everything without us helping ourselves. One man did not get us into this economic mess alone. One man cannot clean it up alone.

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