Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What made Jesse Jackson Cry?

Last night was such a monumental moment for me and my family. We watched Barack Obama become the first President who is Black of the U.S. As the cameras panned through the crowd the one picture that stood up was of Jesse Jackson who was visibly moved to tears. Yes we know that he had some unfortunate words for Obama while stumping for him during the campaign early on. He apologized for it. Unfortunately sometimes our elders are so stuck in their ways its hard for them to see there is another way to achieve a goal other than their old way.

But I saw a different Jesse Jackson last night. I saw an elder who was proud of his son. Jesse Jackson has seen it all. He walked, ate, slept, worried, campaigned with Martin Luther King. He then saw his mentor die at his feet. His clothes and his hands were covered with the last of Martin Luther King's blood as he saw the final hopes and dreams of Africans Americans ooze out of the lifeless body of Dr. King as he laid dying on the balcony of the Theresa Motel. But oh after the death comes the Resurrection.

After what seemed as an eternity, a glimmer of hope began to shine through in 2004. No actually it was the "Audacity of Hope". A newcomer came on the scene who had some unorthodox ways of doing things that was different from the tried and true methods of the old guard. Who would of thought it would work? But that Hope resurrected last night when the seeming impossible became possible. He then understood the total picture from before Rosa Parks to the Assasination of the King, to the seeming eternal wait for progress to the now birthing of a new generation that is taking this country to a new level.

That is why he is crying. He sees that Fannie Lou Hamer, the 3 Civil Rights Workers, The 4 Little Girls who died in the church Bombing, Viola Liuzzo, Thurgood Marshall and others did not have a dream die. We thought it had for a moment. But it lives in the hearts of Americans all over this country. They want change, they are mandating a change. Americans has demanded a Change.

Jesse's tears are tears of joy! Tears of accomplishment! Tears of relief! Tears of Hope! But never Tears of Regret. In 1984 and 1988 we were singing "Run Jesse Run". Now we can say Rest Jesse Rest. The baton has been handing over and its in good hands...

God Bless President BaracK Obama
God Bless America

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