Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Andria Hall Woman of Courage

January 12, 2009 was a very sad day for me. My family had to put our best friend, little brother, my baby, playmate down after a brief illness. It was a very emotional day for all of us. He would have been 15 years old next month and he brought so much joy into our family. I really felt it when I came home from work and didn't see my little fur-ball curled up on the couch. Smokey weasled himself in our lives one snowy day in March 1994 when my husband spotted him in the hallway of our building huddled next to the hallway radiator. He immediately spotted my husband and worked himself in our lives. My husband knocked on the door after leaving from work, with this charcoal gray sickly kitten on his shoulder and he said "can we keep him?" just like a little kid. We nursed him back to health from his respiratory infection, skin and eye infections. He showed his gratefulness for the next 15 years.

I got home from work, in mourning for our loss, then I sat down, and got hit by 2 calls informing me that Andria Hall, a former CNN and WNBC news anchor and New Jersey Director with my travel biz host company, passed away after her battle with cancer. I had the pleasure of being blessed by Andria's testimony this past August at our National Convention 2008. She came unto the stage sans the wig she had been previously wearing. Alot of people, including those in her downline had no idea that she was battling cancer, but she decided that she needed to make a statement. What a woman of strength! She talked about how our company's free insurance came in time when she was cut off her husband's insurance. She unashamedly shared her faith in the Lord. She gave encouragement to everyone in that building that may have been facing some sort of challenge. Let me tell you there was not one dry eye in the Edward's Dome when she finished.

Both Smokey and Andria Hall have left me with everlasting memories. I like to think that they are both up there in heaven, having arrived probably around the same time, and his tail is fondly brushing against her leg as they are making friends with each other.
RIP Andria, RIP Smokey as you dwell in God's eternal glory. You will be missed by your loved ones. Until we see you again on that other shore......So long

Read the Carib World News article about Andria here


Raymond said...

Dear Gail,

Thank you for sharing your memory of andria. I am sorry for the loss of your pet and sadden by the departure of Andria. Did Andria explain why her husband's medical insurance cease? I had thought Mr. Seizemore was employed by a major corporation.

Hi regards,


GailTravel said...
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GailTravel said...

Thank you for your comments Raymond.If memory serves me correct, I believe her insurance benefit had maxed out. Insurance companies often put a cap on catastrophic illnesses to save money.