Monday, January 5, 2009

Oprah Winfrey fell off the wagon...So did I

Watching Oprah Winfrey tell Bob Greene how and why she fell off the weight loss wagon! Now I already told you all what one of my goals are for this year! Yup! I'm right there with Oprah! I'm getting back on the getting healthy wagon!

"Money, fame and success don't mean anything if you can't control your own being." Says Oprah! That's the key "control". She said in 2005 when she was on the cover of her magazine with the midriff bearing outfit she thought she had "conquered the battle of the bulge".

Oprah's weight battle ( and mine too) gives way to some life lessons we all have to deal with.

1- We will never arrive- There will always be another obstacle to overcome in life.
Once we say to ourselves "I did it! Now I can relax" is when we start down that slippery slope of defeat.

2-We can't surrender to obstacles that seem unsurmountable. - Oprah resigned herself to being "fat" when she received the diagnosis of hypothyroidism. She admits to saying "everything I eat is going to make me fat anyway, and my metabolism isn't working, so I might as well just eat whatever I want. Okay. Fat wins,'"

3- We need balance in our lives. Oprah found she needs balance between work and play. She says "It's about extending yourself in so many different directions that you literally become unconscious. You're just trying to get through it all and not giving back to yourself. When you love yourself enough, you take care of yourself."

4- We must be organized- We need to plan. The key to getting back on the wagon is being organized. "You have to plan for your life," Oprah says.

That's the bottom line we have to take care of ourselves, physically,spiritually and emotionally.

Now Oprah is one of the world's richest women, actually richest people for that matter. She wasn't born into wealth. She WORKED hard to become wealthy. She is a businesswoman that anyone should emulate.

As I read the article on her site I realized more and more that the above principles apply to business as well.
We can't feel that we are successful and now can sit back and rest. We can't surrender to the dreamsnatchers that are jealous of what we achieve or just plain dislike us for having the initiative of helping ourselves. We also cannot succumb to the challenges placed in our lives. We need to seek balance in our lives. Leave time for family. It can't be about business building all the time. Lastly we need to be organized. We need to Plan out our day around our responsibilities as entrepreneurs, parents and community members.

I respect Oprah as she bared her soul and shared the weight challenges she is having. It shows that she is human. She may not know it but she is also a roll model.

So Oprah, I am getting back on the wagon along with you in 2009. In more ways than one! Hey can I book you a cruise?


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euthymic said...

Hi Gail, i love Oprah too, i think she is a great role model. she is so powerful, but she uses her power to do good, and to make things better. THAT is a role model. I like her whether she is fat or thin, ha ha ha! but i'm happy she cares about her body enough to act aggressively on it.

let's toast to the new year, hope for goals met and joyful rewards:)

GailTravel said...

Happy New Year to you also!
Thanks for your comment. I love Oprah too. She is so real and she allows the public to see her flaws. Its so easy to identify with her.