Sunday, December 21, 2008

Change for 2009- Principles for Change #2

Continuing our series on 12 Principles for Change by Lee Green
Black Business builders


As a young man growing up in the South Bronx, I learned the hard
way that I needed to take my corners wide and keep my hands out of
my pockets. In other words, I had to stay balanced, alert and ready
to react to surprises. I’ve found that a lot of life’s situations
require "street smarts". They range from the bedroom to the
boardroom, and you will encounter them throughout your life.

Keep your balance. Stay centered. Expect surprises.

Being centered has two sides; inner and outer.

Begin within.

Inner centeredness comes first; look there for your "best self". It
is how you will find peace of mind. There is a place in you that’s
connected to something beyond you. Spending time there will keep
your mind clear and your spirit refreshed. That “doorway” is your

Until you’re connected to your core, you won’t be very good at
handling the rest of the world. Few people really get this. It is
the single most important and least understood fact of life.

Your center is easy to find. Every spiritual tradition in history
teaches prayer and meditation - it’s the most important thing you
can do for the quality of your life. Just take a little break a
couple of times a day, and learn to be still and RELAX. If you
give yourself this little time each day, you will become calmer,
stronger and your physical and mental health will improve. You will
begin to focus more on what you think of yourself, than what others
may think of you.

For outer centeredness, you need to gain awareness of your personal
boundaries. This is critical. Pay close attention to where you stop
and others start. Protect your personal prerogatives and respect
those of others. Allowing others to invade your boundaries will
destroy your personal freedom and subject you to their tyranny.

If you cross the boundaries of others you become codependent with
them, caring more about how they live their lives than how you live
yours. You can care about others without having to run their lives.
Let them go and feel the relief, once you get used to living only
your own life

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