Saturday, December 27, 2008

Expect less From Others and More from Yourself

Lee Green from Black Business Builders Club wants us to know we have to hold ourselves more accountable. Principle #8 od the 12 Principles for Change. We are moving on to 2009! Change is going to come.


Most people expect way too much from others while they themselves
actually get very little done. Inertia and distraction are
insidious and damn near universal - expect it in others but guard
against it in your own behavior.

Everyone listens to his or her favorite mental radio station -
W.I.I.F.M., which stands for, “What’s In It For Me?” So don’t take
it personally when you’re overlooked, your call goes un-returned,
and you go un-thanked.

Most of your fellow humans are so distracted and disorganized that
they only get around to the most essential, familiar or urgent
things in their lives. They’re on “autopilot” most of the time -
aren’t we all on occasion?

This self-interest is natural and healthy. Use this knowledge of
other’s desires in your plans and proposals.

Here’s the big principle. If you want something to happen, take
control and do it yourself. Don’t get bitter if perhaps someone
else didn’t keep a commitment to help you.

It is a waste of time to criticize others, and a bigger waste to
pay attention to anyone’s criticism of you. Just know that you can
get better at doing things on your own. It’s a LOT easier than
trying to get someone else to change.

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