Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Moving forward to change for 2009

I hope you are enjoying these excerpts and I hope they bless you as they have been blessing me. Today, I present
Principles 4 & 5 from "12 Principles of Change" by Lee Green from Black Business Builders Club


You’ve probably heard the saying, “As you sow, so shall you reap.”
It means that our lives are created by what we do, not by what we
intend. It means that we can harvest only what we plant. And every
day you’re planting something, so choose wisely.

The biggest and most important influences in your life are created
by small daily acts. For example - Meditate, Study, Set Goals,
Save Money, Exercise, Floss, Smile, and Say Thank You.

When you do the right thing at the right time it makes more
difference than if you make a big dramatic effort too late.
Cramming may work in school, but not in real life. The school term
is over in a few months; life lasts longer. Days turn into years
and those years become your life.

The most important qualities in life - Spirituality, Health,
Relationships, Wealth, and Your Personal Character - are developed
by regular acts done on a daily basis. They’re called “practices.”

Daily practices - done on schedule. What? Just “can’t do anything
on a schedule?” Baloney. You can do anything you want on a
schedule, unless you’ve never gotten to a plane on time. It’s a
matter of priorities. And your priorities create your quality of
life. Choose the practices of your life as if you were a farmer.
You can’t skip spring planting if you want a fall harvest. Master
this principle and you will live your life to its fullest.
Changing your life doesn’t take a lot of work - just repeat a
single positive act daily for three weeks and it will become a
habit. Good. Now add another one. Then another one. The force of
good habits will automatically generate power and “good luck,” and
your life will blossom.


Here’s a secret about “Original sin”. It’s guilt, and you get it
from your parents.

Are you self-conscious? Most people are. They’re worried that
they’re “unzipped.” They’re walking around thinking that people
will notice their missing button, their bad hairdo, their poor
credit and personal shortcomings. These feelings are universal -
we all got them while we were being taught how to behave as infants
(”No!” “Bad!” “Don’t!”).

When we become adults we are supposed to leave these feelings of
inadequacy in childhood where they were needed.

The way to do this is to forgive your parents for their
shortcomings, whether they were minor or major. And then forgive
yourself for all your sins, real and imagined. Forgiving doesn’t
mean that you think what happened was okay. It just means that you
free yourself from the work of remembering it and getting mad at
people that may not even be around anymore. Including the younger
“you.” You MUST do this if you want to be free.

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