Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Oprah's Weight Gain Confession

So the big buzz now is all about Oprah’s weight gain confession! Geez…. You know I can relate to my girl Oprah in that department. I was looking over some pictures I took 3 years ago and realized how much of the 54 lbs I lost was put back on. Thankfully I am not at my starting weight. I vow never to go aback there again….EVER!!!

Then last night I was watching my most favorite show, “the Biggest Loser” and Bob Harper was explaining how Season 1 Biggest Loser winner Ryan Benson now weighs as much today as he did when he first came to the house. How could that be? Bob explained it was because he didn’t “learn anything”.
Okay so now you are asking what does these 3 weight loss experiences have to do with being a business owner? It has a lot to do with it. We are shaped by our experiences, both positive and negative. Our success depends on what we do with both experiences.
First- When you fail, you pick yourself up and try it again, learning from the mistakes you made before.
Second- Build on your past successes, change what you did wrong.
Recently a fellow business associate said to me “I’m about to give it up” I asked her what happened? What went wrong? She replied “I didn’t do anything with it’. Weight loss like business only is successful if we continually work on it. Once you relax, you stop losing weight and God forbid even gain back. In any business once an entrepreneur stops working on it then the income slows down to a drip drip drip.
My intentions are to do both. I’m not giving up in either venue!
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Oprah don't worry about the weight gain. It happens to the best of us!
I’m off to burn off some calories. The holidays are coming!


Life in the Philippines said...

hi gail,
i hear so many stories here and there of difficult times in america, it's good to see how you write with optimism hope and the good old keep-at-it ethic. i hope things get better very soon.

btw, i haved always liked oprah better when she's heavy, she seems more approachable. but then, that's just me:)

GailTravel said...

Thanks Mona!! How are you? Yes economically times are difficult for folks globally. I hear Asian and European countries are also feeling the pinch.
But as a businesswoman I know when we have a back up plan that how we keep optimistic!

I like Oprah because she is so real. I can so relate to her!

Take care of yourself. Happy Christmas and New Year to you! Great hearing from you as usual!