Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Welcome 2009! Happy New Year-

This morning I was listening to my morning call and the speaker was saying that this year she is asking the Lord to "Break the Net" what is that you say? In John 21-1-6 tells the story of how Jesus went fishing with the disciples. They had been unsuccessful in their fishing venture earlier. He told them to go back out and he gave them specific instructions. They followed his instructions and when they tried to pull the Net back up it was so full that the Fish broke the Net. Their blessings were overflowing.
How did this happen?
1-They had enough faith to trust the Master.
2-They followed his exact instructions, even though it didn't make sense to them at the time.
3- They were willing to work

That's it! Just like home based businesses. Its netWORK marketing. A friend pointed out that just like the Disciples we must be willing to push (ACTION) the boat (our PRODUCT) away from the shore (netWORK.

Here's to 2009 coming just in time. More than ever we must not Beleive what we see (Recession) but SEE what we believe ( success) because with God all things are possible!
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