Monday, December 22, 2008

Change in 2009 - Principle #3

12 Principles of Change- by Lee Green


There is a Law of Attraction in human nature. What is in your mind
is reflected “out there,” in what you experience as your reality.

Afraid? Then all the goblins that you fear will be attracted to
you. The only useful purpose of fear is to remind you to plan. Plan
so that you protect yourself from harm, but don’t become timid. If
you play it TOO safe, you’ll freeze in place and trade your life
away for nothing.

Angry? Then you’ll get a lot of angry people to tussle with. Your
life will fill up with honking horns and people pushing you around,
and you’ll spend all your time pushing back.

It’s a good idea to choose your habitual thought patterns
carefully. Love, optimism and gratitude are good choices. These
states of mind inspire you to explore, to create, to grow and to
give. People and opportunities will become attracted to you. And
the goblins and angry people will get smaller and less important,
and finally they’ll fade and go away.

The point of choice comes up when you have to deal with a
challenging situation. Do you call it a “bad break” - some S.O.B.
was out to get you? Or was it just something that happened ...
leaving it up to you to interpret in the most nourishing way? You
might as well be positive. Bottom line - it works better. It makes
you easier to be around and more creative and good-natured. And
your immune system will be strengthened.

Events are just events until our thoughts and reactions turn them
into experience. What the experience means and how useful it might
be, are the choices that we make -they’re the stories we tell
ourselves about our lives.

We’re taught that it’s not ‘reasonable’ to expect to win all the
time. Nonsense! That kind of thinking numbs ambition and smothers
greatness. Even worse it leads to reasonable excuses. Excuses don’t
accomplish anything so do NOT be reasonable. Actually, achieving
the impossible is quite normal - you’ve done it thousands of times.
EVERYTHING you do now was impossible for you before you did it the
first time, from feeding yourself to balancing your checkbook.

Try this for a week. Focus on what you want instead of what you
don’t want. Practice the skills of optimism, gratitude, generosity
and forgiveness and your life will expand.

Yes, that’s right. PRACTICE.

Good attitudes are skills that you develop through repetition, just
like swimming or math. And skills become second nature through
practice. You will become stronger and more relaxed when you decide
that you might as well thrive. Your commitment to expectancy is
another skill, and it’s decisive and magnetic. It attracts luck and
creates focus. People and opportunities will be drawn to you. Life
starts to get easier. And more fun.

Go ahead and test it. What have you got to lose? The only way you
can fail at anything is to quit trying!

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Sharnese LaNier said...

Great post! I am a believer. I am finally witnessing the law of attraction. It's because of writers like you that instill the vision, along with hope that have bought my dreams to life. Thanks for all you do.